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Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge
The First Question

In the ongoing battle between science and religion, the forces of rationalism have been hampered by an 800-lb gorilla firmly planted in its corner. The question of why the universe exists at all has variously been called “the first of all questions” and the “Primordial Existential Question.” It has been phrased by both Leibniz and Heidegger as “Why is there something rather than nothing?” while Steven Hawking wonders, “Why does the Universe bother to exist?” Religion triumphantly proclaims the answer: because God the Prime Creator made it all. Unable to come up with a counter argument, Rationalists have just shrugged and meekly suggested that the answer may be outside the realm of science.

As long as theism provides the only solution, it will continue to dominate debate and sway the public mind on the question of “creation.” However, I believe we may now be able to provide an entirely scientific and rational answer to this most profound of questions. The article below exposes how the “God answer” falls short and provides a 5-step analysis of how an eternal universe – with no beginning or end – can be understood through application of contemporary science. This revelation describes a universe that “bothers to exist” on its own terms, effectively eliminating the need for God as Prime Creator.

Note: This article is comprehensive, covering a complex subject. So grab a coffee and give yourself some time.

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